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The top quality refurbished iPhone LCD Screen

We supply a full range of top quality iPhone Refurbished-OEM LCD Screen at


Our LCD Screen features premium quality, sensitive-touch screen, smooth to touch, stable without splash, multi-touch identifiable as well as color restoration.

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10+ Years Experience

We have over 10 years manufacturing experience in cell phone parts especial LCD screens industry, we have a better understanding of your needs and powerful to offer solutions.

Quality Control

All the materials will be inspected before checking in to the warehouse; all the finished screens will be 100% tested in compliance with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004 standards.

R & D Team

With an outstanding R & D team, we are leading source of technic al innovation and product improvement, our engineers are creative and devote themselves to the challenging work.

Customer Service

Always in-time and friendly customer service to support our customers, we dedicate ourselves to good customer service to gain customer trust and for a long-term partnership.

Wholesale Worldwide

The Most Competitive Price

100% Original Refurbed iPhone Screen

Our factory is located in Shenzhen, the largest electronic products distribution center in China.

The plant occupies 2500 squares with monthly capacity of ninety thousand pcs of LCD.

We developed and built dust-free workshop since 2017.

We have an outstanding R & D team to provide various solutions, skilled QC team to quality control products and trained workers to improve quality and efficiency.

Every member of us spends no efforts to ensure every piece of LCD screens in premium quality.


General questions you may have.

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Will you support new clients in this field?2022-06-11T23:24:47+08:00

Absolutely yes, we grow together with our clients.

Who are you?2022-06-11T23:18:44+08:00

We are original refurbished-OEM/Chinese Copy/ after market LCD manufacturer engaged in the field of developing and producing of iPhone LCD screens and Samsung screens, with rich experience over 10 years.

What’s your warranty policy?2022-06-11T23:20:03+08:00

We offer one year warranty for OEM LCD, and half a year warranty for China LCD screens. For more details, please check at the Warranty Terms.

What’s the packaging?2022-06-11T23:23:59+08:00

We use blister tray and cover, inner box , polyfoam box, master carton for packaging.

What’s the lead time for bulk?2022-06-11T23:23:26+08:00

Normally 3-5 days after payment confirmed.

What payment terms do you use?2022-06-11T23:22:41+08:00

Most of the time we use Bank transfer (T/T), western union and Paypal.

What kind of service do you offer?2022-06-11T23:21:20+08:00
  1. iPhone and Samsung refurbished-OEM LCD , Chinese Copy/ after market screens.
  2. Mobile phone、cracked LCD recycling business(Buy-back business)
  3. Cracked phone screen/smart phone refurbishment business, clients send materials to us, we provide processing service.
What kind of customers do you serve?2022-06-11T23:19:18+08:00

We serve various customers such as import wholesalers, professional distributors, phone repair store/company, refurbish factories, insurance companies, and network carriers, etc.

What is your advantage?2022-06-11T23:21:52+08:00
  1. We have over 10 years rich manufacturing experience in this field.
  2. We are original factory that we can strictly control product quality and offer factory direct wholesale price.
  3. Our creative R & D team can provide solutions that meet your needs.
  4. Trained workers and standardized production for a maximum efficiency.
  5. Good customer service to provide in time support
What do you supply?2022-06-11T23:18:21+08:00

We supply a full range of LCD, iPhone and Samsung refurbished screens, Chinese Copy screens, aftermarket LCDs are our main products, please contact our customer service if you want screens of other brand. In the meanwhile, we also undertake processing orders, clients send materials to us, we provide processing service.

How is your quality control system?2022-06-11T23:20:35+08:00

Please be rest assured that every piece of LCD is strictly produced and tested in compliance with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004 regulations.

About US

We are one of the top supply sources of smart phone parts since 2009. We dedicate ourselves to production and development of smart phone LCD screens and gain good reputation and rich experience step by step.

We have been professional LCD manufacturer for more than 10 years and now concentrate on the business of iPhone and Samsung LCD screens. Equipped with advanced high-tech facility, dust-free workshop, trained workers with standard production operation, all the products are 100% tested by QC team in compliance with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14000:2004 standards. We value quality as the life of the enterprise and all the processes are regulated under this belief. Before checking in to the warehouse, all the materials will be inspected by our QC members. After production, the screens will have another 100% test by our OC team. Our central manufacturing center allows for large stock and production capability.

Customer service is our top priority. Always in-time and friendly customer service to start a pleasant partnership. We not only provide high quality LCDs to our customers, but also good customer service to offer solutions. We dedicate ourselves to every detail to gain customer trust and satisfaction.

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